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Aladinn [Jul. 22nd, 2006|04:05 pm]
ESL chatter box
There is a woman who is a queen of this country.Her name is Jasmine. she was not always satisfied with her rutin life and sought some things. So, she ran away to castle toun and met boy whoes name is Aladin.They fell in love.
There is a man whose name is Jafar and he served the Jasmine's family. He ploted to get the lamp which has majical powar, and made Aladin to get it.Eventyally, Aladin got it,and he obtained server who is a genie.
Aladin desired to become prince first wish.Next, he desired to help his life.After this wish , Jafer robbed Aladin of the lamp. They fought for a long time ,and Aladin took back the lamp.Finaly, he made genie free. Then, Aladin and Jasmine got married.